Hi there.

Snapchat-1540054366001048172.jpgLife is beautiful. Or, to elaborate on that, its beautiful the way a rose garden would be…flowers, fragrances, and colors…and many thorns along with them. And so, I, your humble author, R.Aparajit, share a slice of my life with you all..writing about things of relevance to me, and clicking photos as and when I feel like doing so.

“Beneath The Starry Skies” is my attempt to hone my skills for a career in communication. I am an Indian, and had taken physics, chemistry, and maths as my main subjects in 12th grade.The original idea was to become an engineer, but then, due to a bizarre twist of events, I found myself at the cross-roads of choosing between a career which is too mainstream in India, and a career which is off-beat, yet appealing to me.

Finally, I chose mass communication over engineering (no regrets there), and am living my life to the best of my abilities.

Anyway, criticisms are welcomed. So are compliments.
Happy Reading!


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