Hey guys!
I’m back. (Finally) with yet another photo.
So I had actually been off the grid for about a week or so,because I had to go to Pune for a college interview. (Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication). At the same time, my dad got an offer to do an M tech course from a college, and so, even he had an interview, which basically took me all around Pune. So this is was the view from the campus in Pune. I guess the beauty of sunsets is everlasting, and when you combine that with a lake, and a few hills, then this is what you get. Amazing, isn’t it?
So this is my first sunset click,and I’ve done fairly well, if I do say so myself.
Anyways, as always, criticisms are welcomed, and I would love a few tips on how to capture night-time pics. Thanks.
Meanwhile, I’ve been plagued with requests for writing a post. Yeah, I wanna write stuff too, except that, as of now, nothing actually makes an impact on me. So I’ve not written anything. Yet.
Give me some time, mates. I’ll be back writing stuff. Don’t worry.
Thank you for the fan mails, readers. You make me want to write more.
-Apra-out ~(O_O~)


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